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Grandma Muriel and Grandma Elsie inspired GrandmaSays!

Dear Family Member,


I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of living in the same city as both of my grandmas while they were in assisted living facilities. I am honored to be related to such tough, stubborn, spunky, kind, beautiful women. 


During my visits, I would ask the questions about their past and love their answers and tell my family what they said. There are so many things I wish I had asked and didn’t. I created the Questions part of GrandmaSays to ask as many open ended questions to your loved one about their past and it will automatically share with all family members involved. If there is a question not in the app that you want to ask, there is a place to write your own.


The heath alerts, task list, and visit tracker are simply somethings that my family could have really benefited from. 


Having a loved one in a facility is the beginning of a hard time for families because time is limited and everyone wants what they think is best for their loved one. Communication gets hairy, and emotions become elevated, as a result straining family relationships. 


My hope is that this app will bring you closer to your loved one and make family communication during this time a little less stressful. 





GrandmaSays Founder

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